The production and trading program "TEHNO AS", is mainly oriented on products from building fittings and furniture, as well as semi-products intended for the wood industry, metallurgical and other industrial branches.

   Our production is based on serial and mass production and production of products from: Steel, Aluminum, Zamac, Plastics, Stainless steel and others. Modern methods of production and technology: Pressure injection molding, Forging, Deep drawing, Stamping, Punching, Pipe bending, Powder coating, Zinc coating, Polishing and grinding of all types of steel and others.

   "TEHNO AS" has a large and versatile machine park: CNC Safan Kant Bank press, CNC Beutler Eccentric press, CNC line for automatic drilling and taping, CNC plasma cutter, Bema Italy semi-automatic bending machine, MIG / MAG and TIG welding, Excentric presses from 15 to 150 tons, Hydraulic presses from 15 to 120 tons, Friction presses, CNC Punch turret presses Amada, Line for powder coating and zinc plating, Machines and equipment for polishing and grinding of all types of steel, Rotary vibrating drums, Semi-automatic machine for thread and others.

   In line with the new trade-market trends, "TEHNO AS" has focused on a large number of trade activities. In this field, it cooperates with producers in the country as well as importers in the same or similar business, providing the widest palette, as a contribution to any production or complete trade.

   In our assortment you can find all world known brands of products in the fields of joinery and furniture: AGB Italy, Hoppe Germany, Fimet Italy, CISA Spain, AMIG Spain, DOM France, KABA ELZET Hungary and many others.